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I had something of a post in mind … but it’s disappeared into the ether, for now. The internet is distracting like that (although great for my ADD-like tendencies). And I’d much, much rather be perusing my favorite blogs than regurgitating my philosophy class in the form of a final paper. Ego, id, super-ego. My ego is aware of the necessity of passing this class in order to notch another step towards my degree. The id delights in the simple, automatic pleasures of the wind and sun on my face, the bagel by my side, and grumbles at the paper that restricts that pleasure. The super-ego … well, isn’t it omnipresent, pulling the strings of my unconscious decisions like a puppeteer? Directing my actions and behavior without any awareness on my part? Perhaps it, too, is playing a role in this paper-writing business. What that is, I can’t say. It is, after all, unconscious.

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