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And Blogger comes through once again. Labels, widgets, page elements galore! Now I’m just waiting for them to allow raw code source editing. Icing on the cake. And, perhaps if I have time, a personal banner to spruce up the header.


I’ve been having strange, disconcerting dreams lately. Dreams that leave me with a feeling of anxiety or foreboding. I don’t know what that means, but it may be just normal finals anxiety. Admittedly, though, this has probably been the best term I’ve had, in terms of enjoyment of my classes. Philosophy aside, I’m very happy with my classes. I just wish I had more time for each one…

Things are winding down. I’m a little sad for the end of summer, but that pales to the excitement I have for fall. For autumn, the season of nostalgia, memories, and spicy cider. As much as I complain about living in the northeast, I could stay here solely to experience this weather. The trailing, wispy ends of summer wind, mixing with the nipping breezes that hint at the cold to come; the crunch of acorns and color-changed leaves underfoot; the biting air that cools the throat going down…

Oh yes. I can’t wait.

Categories: dream, life, school
  1. nina
    August 20, 2006 at 5:27 pm

    This is exactly why I love the Northeast!


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