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No escape

She spun around, tried to run from him. But he caught her arm, twisting it painfully and sending her to her knees. A dirt-encrusted boot pressed against her back, forcing her down. She struggled, jerking from side to side, trying to free her arm from his grip. But it was no use.

He pulled her up by her arm, and slammed her into the wall. His other hand shot up, clamped around her throat, and squeezed. Slowly. Watching her eyes.

She gasped and choked around her constricted airway, clawed at his arm. Still the fingers tightened around her throat, slowly cutting off her lifeline. She looked desperately into his eyes. Tried to cry for mercy, but there wasn’t enough air. Her struggles had used it up. Her vision became speckled, dots and lines flashing, his face blurring and growing darker. Her body became sluggish, and her arms fell to her sides.

When he saw her eyes begin to dim, he released her abruptly and stepped back. She fell to the ground, knees weak, hands reaching automatically to assess the damage to her throat. She gulped in air, hoarse lungfuls, eyes burning, dizzy from the rushing blood. She coughed, retched drily, huddled and bowed so she wouldn’t have to look up. She knew he was watching.

And when she heard his soft laugh, she knew it was over.

Next time.” His voice trailed after his footsteps, receding into the distance. He didn’t look back.

He knew she was watching.

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